glocal consult starts the SpeedUp Europe programme! SpeedUp Europe is an end-to-end support programme targeting entrepreneurs in the field of Future Internet and related products and services, covering the entire entrepreneurial journey from idea inception to prototype development and public-private funding. The project will provide specific coordination and support actions for team formation, seed funding, coaching/mentoring/training and finally access to crowdfunding, EU financing and Risk-Finance.

The project will issue and manage a call to allocate 5.6M Euros of subgrants for projects developing innovative services based on the FI-WARE generic enablers in the areas of Agri-business, Smart City and CleanTech.

The project is supported by a combination of virtual tools (online platform for matchmaking, idea generation and call management) and a serie of physical workshops organized across Europe, where entrepreneurs can meet, grow their ideas, develop their product and receive feedback from customer, partners and investors.

The consortium assembled for this 24 month project includes leading European start up incubators, business accelerators and other SME support organizations from the Nordics, Benelux and German regions, including crowdfunding and VC funding specialists. The project will also interact closely with key stakeholders such as industry clusters, national innovation agencies and large corporates in the three target domains.

The project will reach out to multiple entrepreneurial communities across Europe and organize events with broad coverage, such as an European Entrepreneurship Summit and an inducement prize for the best projects.

The data collected during the project will allow to research new theories about the impact of support programmes on entrepreneurial innovations, based on the type of support consumed by each team and the outcome achieved by each project. These learnings will be used to develop further recommendations toward European policy makers.

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